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I'm John Cooper, the Owner of Castle Construction.  I made the decision to build this Web site on my own.  It would be easy to pay a Company for the full pro look, but I enjoy sticking with the basics.   I guess I'm old school like that.

I started in construction in the late 70's.  I completed a four year apprenticeship program with Orange County Carpenters Local Union 2361, and at the same time achieved an AA at Orange Coast College.  I worked with my tool bags on for roughly 20 years to follow.  I then found myself in my early 40's with custody of my two children, so I got them off to school and started a small handyman business. I did very well with a small business and was fortunate to watch it grow, and then went on to pass CA State exams to receive a B-1/General Contractor license.  The kids went off to college and I continued to grow, filing as a Corporation in 2010, taking on bigger and bigger projects.

I have established payroll, and all my affairs are in order. I have also created an open book policy, which I have done well with.  This open book structure of Castle Construction is simple. . . nothing is hidden in any proposals.

When I first started doing bids, I wasn't getting a lot of work and I couldn't figure out why, as my cost was very competitive.  So, I tried something different.  I collected proposals from sub-contractors that included the cost, determined the breakdown from architectural to turn-key, and proposed 10% overhead, 5% profit and $1,200 per week in supervision. (These numbers could vary depending on the project.)

The open book structure remains, with all itemized breakdowns along with cost shown clearly in one clean folder.

I landed my first project competing against more than a dozen General Contractors.  Visit the slide show to see how they went.

If you're looking for a transparent proposal, keep Castle in mind and know that I have already acquired the best sub-contractors to do the job. 

Lets get busy!
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